Happy Horses Bitless offers a  mobile home visit service only.

I come to you and your horse for your lesson on your property. I service Lismore and the surrounding areas in Northern NSW. If you have a bitless bridle great, if not, you can borrow or buy one of mine or use your halter.

My teaching is based on the Natural Horsemanship principles of  the development of mutual trust and improved relationship between horse and rider. I believe a good relationship between human and horse provides the groundwork for everything you do, as without it you are merely imposing your will on another. I work intuitively and act as an ‘interpreter’ between horse and human. Students learn how to understand horse body language and how to decipher what the horse is thinking. During lessons the student learns to be present and fully open to their horse, to truly ‘listen’ with their whole body and mind. The development of light, soft aids is paramount to the development of the skill to communicate with your horse in a freely flowing conversation. Allowing an ongoing conversation based on feel enables horse and human to move as one.

I am also a traditionally trained riding instructor so I have the ‘eye’ to find what may be holding the rider back from achieving their full potential. Students learn how to ride in a ‘balanced’ manner which improves their safety, effectiveness and communication with the horse. Both rider AND horse are ‘trained’ during the lesson, so they both move forward together.

Relationship, trust, balance and feel and that all important ingredient – heart.


Private Lessons – $60 per hour

This includes the cost of travel if within the Lismore zone, travel outside this area will incur a travel fee. Longer lessons and group lessons are available by request.

To check out what Suzy’s students are saying go to Testimonials.

To book call Suzy 0401 249 263 or email   happyhorsesbitless@gmail.com


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Suzy has been instructing for over 20 years in both private lessons and group lessons at riding schools. After training as a pony club instructor Suzy enjoyed teaching so much she trained with the Equestrian Federation of Australia as a riding coach. She worked at a riding school for 5 years where she not only gave single and group lessons but also ran school holiday camps and competitions (dressage, showjumping and eventing). Suzy has also been working as a trail guide for over 10 years and has developed a keen eye for what riders need to know to help them improve their riding skills. Over the years Suzy has taught all ages and levels of rider and is happy to share her knowledge with all. Combined with this is an enormous amount of practical horse knowledge gained through her degree in Equine Science and a lifetime living and working with horses.

For the past 10 years Suzy has been teaching students in bitless bridles. Three years ago she decided to specialise in bitless riding as this is where her heart is, and now she exclusively works with students who want to ride without bits, spurs or crops.

Happy Bitless Horse Riding

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  1. soquilichi says:

    OMG you need to speak to my boss she owns soquilichi and is a no bit fanatic for 24 years. She is the only person I know so passionate and does bitless pub rides and endurance cutting and starts other peoples horses. We love your site

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