Testimonials for riding lessons and bitless bridle sales.

Lisa BrownPrior to purchasing my Dr cooks bridle I had no idea. It was instinct that led me to research. I have a gorgeous partner who was head tossing, bucking, not listening at all to me. He is so very kind and gentle on the ground. I thought ok he is trying to talk to me. He is saying I’m in pain. His dentist is a vet ‘all good in his mouth Lisa’ he says. Saddle made for him $5000 – still doing his behaviour, talking, ok, I will remove the bit. So google I did and found this bridle was one I was willing to try. Suzy was great with her customer service, very personal. It arrives in a few days. We saddle up , we let Riley know its ok to move and teach him some new cues that wont involve pain to the mouth. This horse is now being trained in dressage and was used as a demonstration horse at a clinic. He never bucks, he moves forward with ease and confidence and halts beautifully. This horse is a testament to a nervous rider putting a bitless bridle on a hot nervous horse because it was best for the horse and my safety. I will never use a bit on Riley and cannot recommend the Dr cook bridle enough. Yes you need the be light in your hands and yes you need to understand your seat and leg aids but please dont use a bit for control or communication as I truly believe it is the bit that creates a barrier to your partnership and a bit will never control your horse it just creates a cruel control of an ignorant rider. 

Lisa Brown



I wanted to let you know what a remarkable thing it is. I’ve been riding this horse for 8 years in a halter or side-pull bitless bridle and thought he was perfect. But it’s almost as if he’s been waiting all his life for the cross-under bitless – it’s remarkable, thanks very much indeed.

Frank Sanderson


KristenI just wanted to say thank you for your lessons. I really love the way you teach and are always so encouraging. I value your skills , and have gained so much calmness and clarity from our lessons. I love you way you work and connect, your integrity, I value your friendship and look forward to working with you soon. I also continue to put you forward as a fabulous instructor.

Kristen Ableson



Thanks Suzy, We’ve been using a Dr. Cook’s bitless on our Arab galloway whose mouth had been obviously pulled around a lot from her previous owner. The bitless not only gave us more control but immediately dropped her head into a perfectly natural carriage. I’m completely sold on them and will be converting others one horse at a time.

Many thanks, Bernice.



Loving horses all my life, but not being able to indulge that interest until middle age, I decided to       treat myself to an ‘equine sabbatical’, which has been going on now for 2 ½  years. I’ve participated   in several natural horsemanship clinics, and had individual, ongoing coaching sessions from 5 highly  skilled and well respected coaches. I can confidently say that my lessons with Suzy Maloney have been the most eye opening and helpful that I have had to date.

The thing that sets Suzy apart as a coach is difficult to pinpoint, however she has provided me with more ‘lightbulb moments’ than I can count, and has supported my journey like no other coach.  Suzy has a gentle and encouraging manner, coupled with an amazing amount of experience and knowledge, which I can say about many of my fabulous coaches, however Suzy has an extra element which has catapulted my learning. If she could bottle it, I’d buy in bulk!

I have been a student of Suzy Maloney’s for some months now, and while I originally took the lessons to improve my riding skills I have also gained an enormous, unexpected supplementary skill set. Her training has provided me with many invaluable insights into horse handling, which have significantly improved my interactions with all horses. I highly recommend Suzy as an excellent coach.

What a fantastic relief Suzy Maloney, so many horsey questions being answered so clearly………I love your lessons, bitless is best!

Anna Rimac


Hi Suzy,

Just wanted to thank you so much for stocking and supplying the Dr Cook bridle. Ours arrived today. It fits like a dream and our TB rode like an angel in it this morning! So a BIG thank you from me and an even BIGGER thank you from Miss T 😄

Kind Regards



Suzies HorseDear Suzy,

Just saying hi and letting you know Billy and I are still loving our bitless bridle. This photo is a still from a video shot today on south beach.

Suzie Melchior



We have been riding 4 years with bitless cross unders. I started down this path with a very hot stressed 18 year old. All the “experts” said get a stronger bit. In my research I discovered the cross unders. He was so much happier and relaxed. For those who have queries regarding stopping etc, he was perfect. I am talking about a very very hot horse here. It is a myth that a horse will stop with a bit, if it is in a real bolt it will just run through the pressure. A bit causes pain and anxiety, and can cause a bolt. My current riding horse is a 4 year old Arab. He is doing very well in his bitless. Our other riding horse is also a Arab, with a history of abuse. He loves his bitless and responds to a “whisper” of a suggestion. I would never ever put a bit on any horse. These amazing creatures respond so much better to partnering, not slave master relationships. 🙂



My new bitless bridle!

My new bitless bridle!Jenny.

The bridle arrived, woo hoo, and rode in it last night after ground work preparation – love it love it love it. It just feels good! I had done some work with him in a halter (ridden) so I wasn’t too worried about his reaction to this bridle but wow it was terrific, no nervous chewing of the bit, no fear for me that I might wack him the mouth or return to bad habits with “quick action” adjustments! Soft, soft, soft back up, walk trot and canter, the canter was the best, this has been a struggle for him but he was more relaxed and carried himself, he has looked to be carried by the bit, a hangover from his breaking and early work – not anymore! We are going to love it!

The more I ride in bitless the more I like it and the more my horse likes it, actually loves it, both of us. I go home feeling like I have done everything possible to help him have an enjoyable experience with me. It just feels so good. Even after three rides I can feel such a difference, it’s not just the fact that he is bitless but also my approach. I thought I was pretty soft, pretty ok, but it has changed everything – when I catch him, when I saddle him, in everything I do my body language has changed. Remarkable! It makes me cry with joy, the way he looks at me, you can just tell he has noticed, you can see it in his eye. Teary writing this, wow, so much to look forward to, I have loved riding all my life but not like I love it now.

Thank you, Jenny Hearn.


‘My mare is so much happier in the bitless bridle and her brakes are much better. Being a shire X thoroughbred she is very head strong and heavy in the mouth, but she is a lot lighter now so we both enjoy our rides much more’.

Sarah Bekkers


‘Things have gone very well with the new bridle. My pony has taken to it with no problem. As I am training her to cart I have been long reining her all over the place with the bitless bridle without any problem’.

Duncan Kirkley (Pappy)


Sally Brown, Gemma and Betsy Brown

Before Suzy came I was depressed and feeling hopeless with my horse Gemma. We just couldn’t seem to get a connection. Suzy brought in a new energy and enthusiasm that transferred into Gemma and I. We began working together and Gem started responding to me in a way she never had before, we really bonded.

Now we really like each other – in fact I would have to say love each other, and it’s due to Suzy’s generous nature that’s brought that out in us.

Sally Brown


Deb on Taylor

Deb on Taylor in his Bitless Bridle

Suzy, I can’t believe the difference a bitless bridle has made for my Taylor – he is a different horse – thank you for introducing this to us both – I can’t believe how much I have grown in my riding with your help, you are truly a horse whispering genius!
Love your work, Deb Evans